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Privatism essay contest

The tendency for people in advanced industrial societies to spend their lives less in the public domain and more within the confines of the nuclear family. In other words, increasing ‘home-centredness’ and ‘nuclear family-centredness’, and withdrawal from the public realm of community organizations and activities, such as those associated with the church, union, pub, or political party. A forceful statement of the argument is Richard Sennett's The Fall of Public Man (1977). Sennett's main theme is that of the dissolution of the ‘public culture’ (the street life and social intercourse of the café and local marketplace) and the rise of privatism. The extent of this phenomenon, and the allegedly secular trend towards it, are both contested by the majority of sociologists. The most useful contemporary assessment is Fiona Devine's Affluent Workers Revisited (1992). The process of privatism should not be confused with that of privatization .

Dictionary of sociology. 2013 .

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Privatism — is a generic term describing any belief that people have a right to the private ownership of certain things. There are many degrees of privatism, from the advocacy of limited private property over specific kinds of items to the advocacy of… … Wikipedia

privatism — [prī′və tiz΄əm] n. concern only with one s private life and personal involvements rather than with public affairs, social values, etc. privatist adj. privatistic … English World dictionary

privatism — noun Etymology: private Date: 1950 the attitude of being uncommitted to or avoiding involvement in anything beyond one s immediate interests … New Collegiate Dictionary

privatism — privatist, n. adj. privatistic, adj. /pruy veuh tiz euhm/, n. concern with or pursuit of one s personal or family interests, welfare, or ideals to the exclusion of broader social issues or relationships. [1945 50; PRIVATE + ISM] * * * … Universalium

privatism — noun The social position of being concerned with issues only as far as they affect one as an individual … Wiktionary

privatism — attitude of avoiding involvement in outside interests Philosophical Isms … Phrontistery dictionary

privatism — [ prʌɪvətɪz(ə)m] noun a tendency to be concerned with issues only in so far as they affect oneself … English new terms dictionary

Advanced capitalism — Part of a series on the Frankfurt School … Wikipedia

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