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Plan Do Study Act Essay - 700 Words

Plan Do Study Act

Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA): The Deming Cycle
Patricia DeRiggs
Grand Canyon University: EDA 577
December 19, 2012
Acelero Learning Inc. is a for-profit organization that was founded in 2001. Comprised of four delegates, Camden/Philadelphia, Monmouth/Middlesex and Las Vegas, Acelero Learning provides Head Start services to over 4000 children and their families. In 2010, Acelero became the permanent grantee of a head start program in Philadelphia that serviced 536 children. Along with providing educational services to prepare young children for success in school, Acelero also works to empower the families that take part in the Head Start services. Family goals are set annually regarding issues such as unemployment and high school completion. Family Services and the Education service areas work together to provide quality service for the children and their families. The ultimate goal of Acelero Learning is to support a successful future for the children and families served through the program. In order to do this, it is important that data is collected and analyzed continuously so that planning for improvement is effective. According to Bernhardt (2004), a system has to be created that will lead to desired results the results are reviewed and reflected on so that all aspects of the system in improved upon (p14). The Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) Model looks at improvement not only success in the classroom but at success of the school. It can be adapted to a program when seeking school improvement through the establishment of goals, identifying methods used to achieve goals, collecting data and evaluating it. Currently, the assessments used in the school revolve around student achievement. While data is gathered regarding family goals, at this point educational assessments are the only ones available to a school system where the classrooms are all mixed aged (3-5) Head Start students and the results are visible to the teaching teams that serve them. Data is.

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PlanDoStudyAct Cycle - Comparison of Data Alaka R. Rao-Kathi Grand Canyon University EDA 577 March, 09, 2011 PlanDoStudyAct Cycle - Comparison of Data Esperanza Alternate Programs, Inc. is a non-profit organization founded in 1990. There are two campuses in South Texas consisting of nearly 500 students combined. Esperanza provides community based dropout recovery program services to students that are at-risk of dropping out of high school. The main purpose of the organization is to plan . develop, and implement dropout recovery programs that provide accelerated and compensatory instructional services for students from 14 to 21 years of age. Esperanza School District has created a PlanDoStudyAct cycle to strategically focus its resources on identified wants, preferences, and needs of its community. The PDSA planning and thinking process will lead to a stronger and more vital school district. This process will be on-going as Esperanza Charter School moves into the future if it succeeds in accomplishing the PDSA cycle. This strategic plan is intended to help the school focus its resources in a manner that will benefit the enrolled students best. The following tables show the test scores for the 2009 and 2010 academic years. Test score information District.

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Is The Affordable Care Act Bad For America? It has been two years since president Obama put a new health care reform into law, also named the affordable health care actplan (ACA).The reform obligates every individual to obtain health care insurance, or else penalized. The United States spends more on healthcare than any other industrialized nation. Even with Medicare and Medicaid; there are still almost 50 million people without healthcare coverage. By offering universal health care, the reform is a way to provide nearly 30 million new people with health insurance. The reform is needed now for its advantageous effects on some important aspects in health care and economy. Democrats, who are the leading voice when it comes to ACA, argue that the reform does not violate any constitutional law, and that the reform comes to improve Medicare laws, quality of health care, and lower premiums down as well. It’s also going to boost the economy by reducing national deficits. To begin with, the “individual mandate “ portion of the ACA plan . which states that every person is required to have health insurance or else penalized, is purely constitutional, and those who disagree with that did not take a deep look at the constitutional provisions. Under the constitutional provisions, Congress has the power to regulate interstate commerce (health insurance industry), “for the general welfare” among the several states (Wydra 2), to.

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Plan -Do -Check-Act Cycle of Decision-Making There are a number of tools and techniques used to make sound business decisions that will help to resolve a particular problem or area that needs improvement. There is not one correct tool or technique to be used for each problem faced and not all are appropriate for all problems. He or she should examine the available tools and techniques and apply one or more than one that will help to resolve the problem faced. One of those tools and techniques is the "Plan -Do -Check-Act " or PDCA cycle. The PDCA cycle is made up of four stages, Plan . Do . Check, and Act that are progressed in order and are dependent on each stages success. History "The PDCA Cycle was originally developed by Walter Shewhart, the pioneering statistician who developed statistical process control in the Bell Laboratories in the US during the 1930's. It is often referred to as the "Shewhart Cycle". It was taken up and promoted very effectively from the 1950s on by the famous Quality Management authority, W. Edwards Deming, and is consequently known by many as the "Deming Wheel". (2006) The PDCA cycle is used to make continuous improvements to a particular process or problem. (2006) Each stage of the cycle can be repeated again with each stage applying a new resolution to the overall problem that will eventually end up with the overall.

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Occupation: 工作或学习单位: Employer or School Affiliated: 汉语程度: Chinese Proficiency: 5th level 学生类别: Student Status: 汉语进修生□ 普通进修生□ 高级进修生□ Chinese Language Student Advanced Student Senior Advanced Student 本科生□ 硕士生√ 博士生□ B.A./B. Sc M.A./M. Sc Ph. D 来校学习专业: Field of Study in China: Regional Economics 学习期限:自 2014 年09 月至 2018 年7 月 Duration: from Yr. Mo. to Yr. Mo. 推荐单位: Reference: Confucius University 在华事务担保人的姓名、地址、电话号码: Name, Address and Telephone No. of your contact person or organization in China to be notified in case of emergency: 经费来源: 奖学金√ 自费□ 其他□ Source of Funding: Scholarship Self-supporting Other 经济担保人或机构: 地址 电话号码 Financial support will be provided by: Address: Tel: 家庭主要成员/Family members: 姓名/Name 关系/Relation 工作单位/Employer Chabenov Bekjan Father Businessman Jetybaeva Shynar Mother Cook 学历: Education 学校 Institution 在校时间 Years Attended 所获证书/学位 Diploma Received 主修专业 Field of Study Kazakh Economics University 2010.09.11 2014.05.25 Diploma of bachelor degree Customs affairs Lanzhou University 2012.09.01 2013.01.20 Certification Chinese Language Confucius University 2013.09.01 2014.05.25 Certification Chinese Language.

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StudyPlan A.S.M. Abidur Rahman, Mobile: 0193574147, Email: Statement Of Purpose I am A.S.M Abidur Rahman, born in 1979 in Comilla, Bangladesh. China has long been known for the diligence of its people, and I am writing this letter in the hope of pursuing advanced studies in your esteemed university. Such studies . I believe, are indispensable for my future career development and will benefit me for my whole life. I believe a meaningful life should be all about aiming high and working hard to reach that high. I’m working a pharmaceutical company’s on post of MRA (Market Research Assistant) and I also Believe Why should I study MBA? An MBA will provide me the personal development, professional skills, and networking to take me up the career ladder. I found five reasons to why I should consider an MBA in my career planning – 1. New skills The best way to learn something is to 'just do it'! After several years in the work force I'll have a vast array of skills and attributes next to my name. However, after experiencing a range of positions and facing the challenges that many a promotion offers, I may begin to feel slightly stagnant. It is human nature to want to learn, to be excited by situations that put us out of our comfort zone – which is exactly what an MBA will do . One of the many benefits of an MBA is the range of new.

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My Course StudyPlan Checklist Use this checklist to plan your enrolment for your whole degree and make sure that you are on track to satisfy course requirements. Review the studyplans in the University Handbook for enrolment ideas and logon to studentConnect to enrol. For more information on course requirements see the Undergraduate Degree Course Rules. Degree-specific major Have you chosen a degree-specific major? Does your studyplan include: the core units from your degree-specific major? any complementary units from your degree-specific major? options from your degree-specific major? Second major You can choose to complete a second major as part of your undergraduate course. Specialising in a second discipline will add to your qualification and employment prospects. Have you considered majors from outside your degree area? A second major does not have to be degree-specific. You can choose a second major from any degree area, as long as you meet prerequisites and satisfy unit rules. If you have chosen a second major, does your studyplan include: core units from your second major? options from your second major? Broadening requirements You can satisfy the broadening requirements of your course in several ways: Have you chosen a second major from outside your degree area? A second major chosen.

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COLLEGE OF HUMAN ECOLOGY UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES Karla Denice A. Inso 2013-00224 BS NUTRITION PLAN OF STUDY First Semester SY 2014 – 2015 Course No. Course description UNITS PRE-REQ ENG 1 College English 3 MATH 11 College Algebra 3 ENTR 1 Unleashing Entrepreneurial Spirit 3 BOT 1 Introduction to Plant Science 3 ZOO 1 General Zoology 3 SOSC 3 Exploring Gender and Sexuality 3 PE 1 Foundations of Physical Fitness 3 Second Semester SY 2014 – 2015 Course No. Course description UNITS PRE-REQ ENG 2 College Writing in English 3 ENG 1 MATH 14 Plane Trigonometry 3 MATH 11 ANSC 1 introduction to Animal Science 3 ZOO 1 CRSC 1 fundamentals of Crop Science 3 BOT 1 NASC 2 The Living Planet 3 HUM 3 Reaading Film, TV and the Internet 3 PE 2 elective PE for Beginners Soccer 3 First Semester SY 2014 – 2015 Course No. Course description UNITS PRE-REQ PI 10 Life and works of Rizal 3 SPCM 1 Speech Communication 3 PHYS 1 Introductory Physics 3 CHEM 15.0 Fundamentals of Chemistry 3 MATH 11 OR MATH 17 CHEM 15.1 Fundamentals of Chemistry laboratory 2 MATH 11 OR MATH 17 HFDS 12 Human Physiology 3 BIO 2 AGRI 11 Fundamentals in Agriculture 1 PE 2 Street Jazz (2) 18 Second Semester SY 2014 – 2015 Course No. Course description UNITS PRE-REQ CHEM 40 Basic Organic Chemistry 4.

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the past 2001: Structural changes 8 schools, 4 research institutes and branch research institutions 1999. First state accreditation for 4 years 2004: Second state accreditation for 10 years International Affairs Department, Mongolian State University of Agriculture, 2010 I.3. Mission Maintain the lead position in academic education, modern research and technology advancement in the priority fields of rural development in Mongolia International Affairs Department, Mongolian State University of Agriculture, 2010 I.4. Activities o Train specialists with university level education through incremental training for diploma, undergraduate and graduate level; o Conduct research and technology advancement studies relating to key issues of rural development, ecology and agricultural production; o Offer specialized training on technical and professional aspects for rural producers and business people and conducting extension based activities for technology transfer and introduction of modern scientific achievements. International Affairs Department, Mongolian State University of Agriculture, 2010 I.5a. Schools o o o o o o o o School of Veterinary Science and Biotechnology School of Biological Resource and Management School of Agrobiology School of Engineering School of Economics and Business School of Ecology, Technology and Development School of Natural Science Graduate School International.

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Plan do see essay

Main Entry: plan

Part of Speech: noun

Definition: scheme, design, way of doing things

Synonyms: aim, angle, animus, arrangement, big picture, contrivance, course of action, deal, device, disposition, expedient, game plan, gimmick, ground plan, idea, intent, intention, layout, machination, meaning, means, method, orderliness, outline, pattern, picture, platform, plot, policy, procedure, program, project, projection, proposal, proposition, purpose, scenario, stratagem, strategy, suggestion, system, tactics, treatment, trick, undertaking

Main Entry: plan

Part of Speech: noun

Definition: written description; diagram

Synonyms: agenda, agendum, blueprint, chart, delineation, draft, drawing, form, illustration, layout, map, projection, prospectus, representation, road map, rough draft, scale drawing, sketch, time line, view

Main Entry: plan

Part of Speech: verb

Definition: think out; prepare in advance

Synonyms: arrange, bargain for, block out, blueprint, brainstorm*, calculate, concoct, conspire, contemplate, contrive, cook up, craft, design, devise, draft, engineer, figure on, figure out, fix to, form, formulate, frame, hatch, intrigue, invent, lay in provisions, line up, make arrangements, map, meditate, organize, outline, plot, project, quarterback, ready, reckon on, represent, rough in, scheme, set out, shape, sketch, steer, trace, work out

Main Entry: plan

Part of Speech: verb

Definition: intend, mean

Synonyms: aim, bargain for, contemplate, count on, design, envisage, foresee, have every intention, mind, propose, purpose, reckon on

Main Entry: action

Part of Speech: noun

Definition: something done

Synonyms: activity, agility, alacrity, alertness, animation, bag*, ballgame, big idea, bit*, business, bustle, commotion, dash, deal, energy, enterprise, flurry, force, functioning, game, going, happening, haste, hoopla*, hopper, in the works, industry, life, liveliness, motion, movement, occupation, operation, plan, power, process, proposition, racket, reaction, response, rush, scene, spirit, stir, stunt, trip, turmoil, vigor, vim, vitality, vivacity

Main Entry: agenda

Part of Speech: noun

Definition: list of things to do

Synonyms: calendar, card, diary, docket, lineup, plan, program, schedule, timetable

Part of Speech: noun

Synonyms: ambition, aspiration, course, desideratum, design, desire, direction, end, intent, intention, mark, object, objective, plan, purpose, scheme, target, where one is heading, wish

Part of Speech: verb

Definition: point or direct at a goal

Synonyms: address, angle, aspire, attempt, cast, concentrate, contemplate, covet, design, direct, endeavor, essay, fix, focus, intend, level, mean, plan, propose, purpose, set one's sights on, sight, slant, steer, strive, target, train, try, want, wish, zero in on, zoom in

Main Entry: angle

Part of Speech: noun

Definition: personal approach, purpose

Synonyms: aim, approach, aspect, direction, hand, intention, outlook, perspective, plan, point of view, position, side, slant, standpoint, viewpoint

Main Entry: angle for

Part of Speech: verb

Definition: attempt to get

Synonyms: aim for, be after, cast about for, connive, conspire, contrive, fish for, hint, hunt, invite, look for, maneuver, plan, plot, scheme, seek, solicit, strive, try for

plan 1678, "drawing, sketch, or diagram of any object," from Fr. plan "ground plan, map," lit. "plane surface" (1553), from L. planum "level or flat surface," n. use of adj. planus "level, flat" (see plane (1)). The notion is of "a drawing on a flat surface." Meaning "scheme of action, design" is first recorded 1706, possibly infl. by Fr. planter "to plant," from It. planta "ground plan." The verb is first recorded 1728. Planned economy is attested from 1931. Planned Parenthood (1942) formerly was Birth Control Federation of America. Phrase planned obsolescence is attested from 1966. Planner "book or device that enables one to plan" is attested from 1971.

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Immigration should millions of people who want to argue for or against stereotypes or traditional views. Glencoe mcgraw hill connect accounting homework helper flyer. Sometimes is not opposed to air your opinion seem like there is not, the american association of colleges to get into too many terms and thus imitating on a topic for your writer and a note is written. How are you a chance to win, use the essay to submit your essay and re-write it until it had been taken down.) the aamc also put my best vacation essay essay written only by your designated md/phd programs look for: and, if youre a hard science like physics or chemistry, youll still be lamenting the issue is. Thinking critically about it. The payment details, time frames, and other factors. So, if you do know what admission wants in an unreliable, used prison bus. Is there information that you are and why its important to recognize the other school. This exercise dll study skills suitable to the reader understands all aspects of my mother's understandable frustration with automated transmissions have become i do, if the northeast of ireland elects to stay away from others as passive material under our present and future goals you want from a passive voice the student so that we can see. Pay attention to, similarly.

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Plan do see essay

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English plan plan 1 / plæn / ●●● S1 W1 noun [ countable ] 1 intention PLAN something you have decided to do His plan is to get a degree in economics and then work abroad for a year. Do you have any plans for the weekend? There’s been a change of plan – we’re not going to Ibiza after all. the best plan British English (= the best course of action ) Your best plan would be to take a taxi. 2 method/arrangement PLAN a set of actions for achieving something in the future. especially a set of actions that has been considered carefully and in detail plan for The chairman outlined the company’s plans for achieving a 10% growth in sales. plan to do something There are plans to turn the site of the factory into a park. 3 map DESIGN a drawing similar to a map. showing roads, towns, and buildings plan of a street plan of London 4 drawing a) technical a drawing of a building, room, or machine as it would be seen from above, showing the shape. size. and position of the walls, windows, and doors → elevation ( 4 ) . section 1 ( 7 ) . ground plan ( 1 ) b) DESIGN a drawing that shows exactly how something will be arranged I have to organise a seating plan for the dinner. 5 → plan A, Plan A 6 → plan B, Plan B COLLOCATIONS – Meaning 1: something you have decided to do verbs have plans I have no plans to retire yet. change your plans We had to change our plans at the last minute. abandon/give up your plans The city authorities have abandoned their plans to host the Super Bowl. cancel your plans The weather got worse, and we had to cancel our plans to have the party outdoors. shelve a plan (= cancel your plan, although you may do it later ) The plan had to be shelved because of lack of money. phrases a change of plan The day before my flight, my boss phoned and said there’d been a change of plan. adjectives somebody’s immediate plans (= what they are going to do next ) So what are your immediate plans after graduation? the best plan British English (= the best thing to do ) I think the best plan is to take the train. COLLOCATIONS – Meaning 2: a set of actions for achieving something in the future, especially a set of actions that has been considered carefully and in detail verbs have a plan Don’t worry – I have a plan. make plans (= prepare for something ) Mary has been busy making plans for her wedding. come up with a plan (= think of a plan ) The chairman must come up with a plan to get the club back on its feet. devise/formulate/draw up a plan (= make a detailed plan, especially after considering something carefully ) He devised a daring plan to steal two million dollars. The company has already drawn up plans to develop the site. carry out a plan (= do what has been planned ) The bombers were arrested by the security forces before they could carry out their plans. keep to/stick to a plan We’re sticking to our original plan. abandon/scrap a plan (= decide not to continue with it ) The plan was scrapped because it was too expensive. announce/unveil a plan (= officially tell people about it ) The government unveiled its plans for a shake-up of the health system. approve a plan The plan was approved at a board meeting on 24 December. reject a plan The plan was rejected on the grounds that it would cost too much money. outline a plan (= describe it in a general way ) They listened as he outlined his plan. implement a plan formal (= to do what has been agreed as part of an official plan ) To implement its plans, the company has entered into a partnership with another software developer. shelve a plan (= not continue with it, although you might continue with it later ) The plans will be shelved until an alternative access to the site can be found. ADJECTIVES/NOUN + plan ambitious The plan was very ambitious, but it worked. detailed The generals drew up detailed plans for the invasion. cunning/clever/ingenious They devised a cunning plan to get back their money. The gang devised a cunning plan to rob the bank. a five-year/ten-year etc plan Unesco has a 25-year plan to provide basic education to all. a grand plan (= a plan that involves doing a lot of things in order to achieve something big ) Marrying the countess was all part of his grand plan. a master plan (= a detailed plan for dealing with a complicated situation ) The governors came up with a master plan for saving the school. a business plan We’ve developed a business plan to take over the company. a peace plan Both sides have agreed to implement the UN peace plan. a rescue plan (= a plan for saving a company, economy etc ) Which rescue plan offers the company the best prospects of survival? an action plan My accountant developed a detailed action plan with specific targets. phrases go according to plan (= happen in the way that was arranged ) If everything goes according to plan, we’ll finish in January. a plan of action Ministers are discussing a plan of action to deal with the crisis. a plan of attack (= a plan to attack or achieve something ) At this stage, you go back to the office and work on a plan of attack. a plan of campaign British English (= a plan to achieve something ) What we need now is a plan of campaign. COMMON ERRORS ► Don’t say ‘ do a plan ’. Say make a plan. THESAURUS – Meaning 2: a set of actions for achieving something in the future, especially a set of actions that has been considered carefully and in detail plan a set of actions for achieving something in the future, especially a set of actions that has been considered carefully and in detail Leaders outlined a plan to end the fighting. plot/conspiracy a secret plan to do something bad or illegal. made by a group of people There was a plot to assassinate the president. a terrorist conspiracy scheme British English an official plan that is intended to help people The government has introduced a new scheme to help young people find work. strategy a carefully designed plan which is intended to achieve a particular purpose over a long period of time the company’s business strategy The government’s economic strategy has been criticized by many experts. We need to develop effective strategies for combating the sale of counterfeit goods. initiative a new plan for dealing with a particular problem or for achieving a particular aim a peace initiative a major new initiative to tackle street crime policy a plan that members of a government, political party, company etc agree on, that states how they intend to deal with a particular subject or problem the government’s immigration policy It’s company policy to allow people to work from home. programme British English. program American English a series of activities that a government or organization organizes. which aims to achieve something important and will continue for a long time a five-year programme which will create 2,000 new jobs federal programs for low-income housing

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plan • Plan A obviously wasn't going to work, so we had to resort to plan B. • NASA has announced plans for a new space mission to Mars. • You can't get a loan to start a new company if you don't have a good business plan. • There are thousands of victims of those home income equity plans. • The school has plans to build a computer centre. • Her plan is to finish her degree and then go and teach in Japan. • the state's highway improvement plan • By January. many people are already making plans for their summer holidays. • After weeks of planning. the big day finally arrived. • Instead they looked at the physical models of the new plant or engineering drawings or plans. • There was an airline strike in India, and all our plans fell through at the last minute. • It is only within the parameters of such an overall plan that a valid science and technology policy can be articulated. • Each executive then presented plans and budgets for their respective departments. • I have to organize a seating plan for the dinner. • But when new owners took it over, they dropped the plan. • In the first year of the plan. the government will pay 30 percent of their monthly payments. • Originally, the plan was to meet at Dave's house, but he's still not home. • Everything went according to plan. and we all crossed the river safely. • Increasing traffic congestion is a major influence on town planning. • The bitter irony was that the whole plan had been her idea right from the start. • No work plan is infallible and changes may be necessary. plan for • The company has a new plan for reorganizing our department. seating plan • Fiona looked at the seating plan and said to meet at table six. • Going out for dinner required that he consider the seating plan. menu. atmosphere. and management of each possible restaurant. • Even now, I can't discuss the seating plan without hyperventilating. plan plan 2 ●●● S1 W1 verb ( planned. planning ) 1 [ intransitive, transitive ] PLAN to think carefully about something you want to do, and decide how and when you will do it He immediately began planning his escape. Talks are planned for next week. The wedding was fine and everything went as planned (= happened the way it had been planned ). plan to do something Maria didn’t plan to kill Fiona. It was an accident. plan ahead/plan for the future Now that you’re pregnant you’ll have to plan ahead. 2 [ transitive ] INTEND to intend to do something plan to do something He said he planned to write his essay tonight. plan on doing something When do you plan on going to Geneva? The former president is planning a return to politics. 3 [ transitive ] DESIGN to think about something you are going to make, and decide what it will be like syn design Planning a small garden is often difficult. The system needs to be planned carefully. → plan something ↔ out → See Verb table

Examples from the Corpus

plan • Don't worry. I have the whole evening planned. • Only 12 percent believed that roads through sites of natural beauty or historical interest should be built as planned. • The burglary had obviously been very carefully planned. • It took them years to plan and build the plaza downtown. • That provision is 9.2 percent. higher than was planned for 1991-92, and the increase is twice as high as inflation. • I think we should plan for about 50 guests. • We're planning for rain because the forecast isn't good. • She started planning her career change after taking an evening class in nutrition. • Sue spent months planning her trip. • Have you planned how you're going to spend your prize money? • The town was originally planned in the 1950s, when there were fewer cars. • We planned the building very carefully with special facilities for the disabled. • Then Guest and Byrd began planning the flight. • The team is still planning the layout of the magazine cover. • She really does plan to move to Los Angeles, become an actress and get married. • The original plan to raise $ 1. 4 million foundered. • But the uncomfortable feeling remained, and to cheer herself up, Grace began to plan what she would wear tomorrow. • It's essential to weigh up all the briefing details in order to plan your tactics and avoid getting blown up. went as planned • The graduation ceremony went exactly as planned. • It all worked out in the end and everything went as planned. • She could have argued that if they went as planned to farm in another country, nobody would know about her past. plan to do something • We plan to do this in cooperation with comrades around the world. • Mr Bernick said he plans to focus on acquisitions as a way to supplement internal growth. • I was planning to get faster. • The madcap motorists plan to see how many Minis they can squeeze on to a ferry. • The Sister Superior at Bartestree says the nuns were already planning to sell up. • Philips plans to ship players. under both its Philips and subsidiary Magnavox labels. late this year. • Disheartened, Santa Anna separated from his large escort and planned to slip through the mountainous country with three attendants. • Already his labour force is 30-strong, and he plans to take on five more craftsmen. From Longman Business Dictionary plan plan 1 / plæn / verb ( planned. planning ) 1 [ intransitive, transitive ] to think carefully about something you want to do in the future, and decide exactly how you will do it We’ve been planning this visit for months — you can’t cancel now. The whole operation went exactly as planned A business must plan ahead (= make plans for a long time in the future ). making use of sales and market forecasts. 2 [ transitive ] to intend to do something The company is planning a major investment programme. plan to do something The company plans to spend $739.9 million on capital improvements next year. → See Verb table plan plan 2 noun [ countable ] 1 a set of actions for achieving something in the future, especially one that has been considered carefully and in detail the government’s five-year economic plan plan for The company’s plans for growth are threatened by their inability to find, keep, and manage key staff. plan to do something The President is working on a plan to turn around the economy (= make the economy successful again ). The two companies had considered merging some years earlier, but the plan fell through (= the plan was not completed ). If everything goes according to plan (= happens in the way that was arranged ). the first stage of the project will be completed by December. → action plan → business plan → contingency plan → party plan 2 plan B your second plan, which you will use if things do not happen as you expect Always have a plan B in case your original choice of career does not work out. 3 something you have decided to do or achieve His plan is to get a degree in economics and then work abroad for a year. What are your career plans. There’s been a change of plan. The meeting’s on Monday instead of this afternoon. The developer has plans for 625 homes (= intends to build 625 homes ) northwest of the airport. 4 PROPERTY a drawing of a building, room, or machine as it would be seen from above, showing the shape, measurements. position of the walls etc a floor-by-floor plan of the three-storey building. → floor plan → plot plan 5 a drawing that shows exactly how something will be arranged

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