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Metaphors in The Road Not Taken, by Robert Frost

Metaphors in The Road Not Taken, by Robert Frost Continue reading.

Decisions separate one’s life from another. Robert Frost proves this to be true in his poem “The Road Not Taken.” The metaphorical twist Frost uses in his words and sentence structure emphasizes the importance of different decisions and how those choices will impact the rest of one’s life.
“The Road Not Taken” examines the struggles people run into when they come to a place in their life where a life altering decisions has to be made. The man who is described in this poem is traveling when he comes upon “two roads diverged” (1). He then has to choose which path he will take to continue on his journey. After standing at the diversion for a while, he knows he has to make a final decision. One path was worn down and “bent in the undergrowth” (5), so he took the other path, which was described as “perhaps the better claim/ Because it was grassy and wanted wear” (6-7). The man of the poem begins to ponder about a time when he will be telling his story of the path he took. Although we are not sure if the man regrets his decision or is relieved, he lets us know taking the road less traveled “has made all the difference” (20).
The two roads presented in this poem represent difficult decisions we are faced with in life. He uses the relationship between the paths and real life decisions throughout the whole poem. This is an example of extended metaphor, which is used to help the readers understand the analogy between the two. The man in the poem said: “long I stood” (3), which lets us know the decision was not made instantly. It was hard for the man to make a final judgment.
The two roads in the poem relate to various paths one might be faced with in life. One path “bent in the undergrowth” (5) which means it had taken many times. However, the other path “was grassy and wanted wear” (8). This is the path in one’s life, which seems “unpopular” at the time. Not many people choose the path that is not typically chosen by others. This is what Frost is doing in his poem as he uses these solid metaphors: challenging his readers to “go against the flow” as the man did.

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The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost Paper by

The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

We all have different ways of picturing life. However. everyone will agree that we are often faced with series of choices. options and alternatives. Life is a journey and the road we choose to travel determines how we live. For instance. we are faced with career choices which dictates what we become in future. In most cases. we are faced with numerous situations but we can only chose an option among the ones that life has presented. Once

we choose a path. there is no going back and the main challenge lies on choosing the right path. Robert Frost captures this whole picture in a simple but tricky poem entitled The Road Not Taken

The Road Not Taken was written by Robert Frost about his friend whom he used to walk with in the woods. As is always the case with walks Frost and his friend would come to different paths and hence would choose which way to go. According to Frost. he always wondered what the other path they had not taken held. This always made him fret. The whole picture is vividly captured in the poem. Literally. the poem describes how a traveler arrives at a point on the road where it branches and thus has to choose which way to take. As much as he desires to travel both the roads. he is aware that he can only choose one. He considers both the roads. looking at them with the intention of finding a clue on the best road to take. He finally settles on the least traveled road

The poem has to do with the hard choices that every individual is faced with in his or her daily undertakings. It displays an element of regret at the realization that one after choosing a given path does not have the opportunity to go back to the other road however rough and difficult the one he had chosen becomes. Frost uses the words 'sorry ' and 'gloomy to create a somber mood within the poem. The traveler realizes that once he has chosen a path. he will never get to know what the one he had left holds. Natural spartio-temporal laws dictate that he can only choose one path and hence traveling both is not a possibility

In the first stanza. the persona describes his situation. His walk leads him to two roads and since he has to proceed with it. he must choose one. He pauses and consider the two roads. looking as far as he can see. He desires to take both the roads but dismisses the thought since this is practically impossible. He stares long at the roads weighing his options on the best road to take

In the second stanza. after considering the first path. he opts for the other path because it appears to him that it has less traffic. On a closer consideration. he realizes that they are not very different. In.

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Creative writing about Robert Frost - s - The Road Not Taken

Creative writing about Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken"

My whole life I have been told what to do. As a child, my parents had the life they wanted me

to live sketched out in their minds. From the way I learned, they way I dressed, what I should

and shouldn't believe in, to what I was supposed to know and think. When I was young I

listened to everything they said and was molded perfectly into what they wanted me to be.

They're my parents, and so I would do whatever they said without question, becuase I thought

that whatever they told me was the right thing to do. But as I grew older, and grew more of an

understanding for life, my thoughts as an individual grew broader. I grew smarter and my

perspective on many things changed. The things that I used to do willingly for my parents, was

now being forced upon me, with consequences following if there was any dispute.

why they did this, so I did not fight it. At the same time I didn't give up to it. I still believed that

I should be able to live my life the way I find best.

Like the traveler I had the choice between the life I wanted to live and the life my

parents had mapped out for me. Throughout the younger years of my childhood is when I, like

the traveler, stood long and thought about which life would be better for me to live. Which path

would have been more fullfilling to take. And after analyzing each of my choices, I chose to live

my life the way I wanted to. I saw it, as the traveler saw the path, as a life that needed wear,

because a lot of the peope I know live the.

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Robert Frost: The Road Not Taken Essay, Research Paper

The Road Not Taken is perhaps one of Robert Frost’s most famous poems. This poem deals with the choices you have to make in life. Whether it’s what to wear in the morning or what to do with your life, everyone makes choices. When you look at this poem carefully, you realize Robert Frost is choosing much more than what road to walk down. He is making a lifelong decision.

One of the reasons I am drawn to this poem is the imagery. A forest is a very quiet place that suits this poem well. Being in a forest alone is soothing and a good place to think. Also, many people can relate to being in a wooded area and they can create a mental picture of it. From the beginning, when he said, “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,” I could picture being in a yellow forest and seeing a fork in the path. The visual images he presents in this poem help the reader to see and feel what he is writing about.

The way the poem is presented on paper is important because it helps to create visual images. This poem has four stanzas with five lines in each stanza. Within each stanza the first, third and fourth lines rhyme. Also the second and fifth lines rhyme. This makes the poem consistent. Consistency is good in a poem like this one because it makes the reader feel more at ease. When you read each stanza you pause after each one because there is a break in what you are reading. After each stanza a different mental picture is created. This helps the reader to better understand the poem. In a poem each stanza is like a paragraph presenting a new idea in each one.

The content of this poem goes much deeper than someone walking in the woods and trying to decide which road to walk down. Robert Frost is not just talking about the roads in the woods. He is talking about the roads of life. Should you go down the road that is “safe” and many others have walked down? Or should you take a chance and walk down the path that not so many people have taken?

We all know Robert Frost takes the road not taken. But the question is how many people would take the unknown road? Why bother to do that when you can walk risk-free down the same road that everyone else is walking down. It’s familiar, and everyone else walked down it, so it can’t be that bad. Many people would probably take the road that everyone else takes. I would probably take it too. Things that you know others have done gives a sense of security to people. I know that before I do something if I am not secure in my decision, then I won’t do it.

Walking down the road not taken can have a lot of consequences. You could never come back and you don’t know what is down that road. Some people like to take chances and not know what is going to happen. This is what Robert Frost is talking about. He is walking and decides to take the road that many others may not take. He does know what the consequences are going to be, but he does it anyway. It takes a strong person to take the road not taken. Not many people would be strong enough to do something in which they did not know what was going to happen. I feel that it takes a special person to walk down the unknown road and succeed in life. That’s what Robert Frost did.

After reading this poem, I came to the realization that when walking down the road of life you might come across a fork in the road. Instead of taking the road that others have taken, challenge yourself and take the one less traveled. The road less traveled may be more challenging but hard work does pay off. It may be scary not knowing what is going to happen, but it’ll work out in the end. After all, Robert Frost took the road not taken “and that has made all the difference.”

Robert Frost: The Road Not Taken

Robert Frost: The Road Not Taken

Autor: people • March 23, 2012 • Essay • 1,408 Words (6 Pages) • 688 Views

Robert Frost: The Road Not Taken (1915)

Although written in 1915, Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken" is a poem that addresses themes and ideas that are still pertinent in modern times. The poem is a mere 4 stanza quatrain, written simplistically in a language that is easily understandable by the masses. A possible reason for this use of minimalist language could be its accessibility to all levels of education. It is a poem about life and life's daily choices that is meant to be applied to people of all walks of life. The theme of decision making is initiated in the first line: "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood. " This opening implants certain peremptory sentiments in the mind of the reader. There is one wood but it is separated into two distinct roads. When read, this first line already starts the audience thinking. It is a familiar situation in which everyone can relate to. It involves choices. Decisions are a vital part of life. The majority of decisions are quite simple and interchangeable. But the major decisions made in life usually come along with two other sentiments: doubt and acceptance. With that being said, the three major themes to be discussed are decisions, doubt, and acceptance.

Decision making is something that most people take for granted. It is almost second nature in most circumstances. Many decisions are made through pure impulse, almost as in a reflex motion. These decisions are reactionary, like taking one's hand away from a fire when the heat is felt. Other decisions are not quite reactions but are entirely interchangeable without yielding much difference in outcomes. This would be like deciding to have grape jelly with breakfast instead of strawberry. The outcome is much the same. However, there are certain decisions that have the potential to change the course of one's life. These decisions require much more thought, and the decision making process usually involves quite a great deal of deliberation. It is one such decision that is insinuated in "The Road Not Taken." The dilemma is displayed very explicitly in the first stanza. The audience is told that there is one man faced with two roads, and only one can be taken. The importance of this decision is shown through the length of time spent on it. ". Long I stood,/ and looked down one as far as I could. " Frost is not in a hurry to make a choice. It seems to be quite important, and it is inferred that an error in judgment could be in some way costly. The second stanza shows more of the same deliberation. He weighs both roads and finds one to be a bit more inviting, ". Because it was grassy and wanted for wear. " In the third stanza, he makes the decision to take the second road, keeping the first for "another day." In this way the audience gets a look into Frost's decision making process.

A common part of the decision making process is doubt. Doubt is something that can be extremely detrimental, but it is very natural and almost inevitable. At various points in the poem, Frost expresses doubt. The second half of the first stanza, Frost's hesitation is introduced. He was standing for some time, trying to peek to the end of both paths. The doubt he faces comes from the unknown. He could only see so far down both paths. "And looked down one as far as I could/ To where it bent in the undergrowth." The path bent and was covered at a point in which the end was past his line of vision. This obstruction to his vision is very symbolic. Many times in life, things are uncertain. The outcome is very rarely going to be foreseeable. Most things end in a metaphorical gamble, like the flip of a coin. Even when solid logic is used, nothing can really be seen as certain. This uncertainty laces life with doubt. The second stanza continues this sentiment of uncertainty, but a decision is made. Although the decision is made, there is still some hedging. The word "perhaps" stirs