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Plagiarism free essays on hamlet

hamlet/ Shakespeare: A Plagirist. term paper 13148

Disclaimer: Free essays on hamlet posted on this site were donated by anonymous users and are provided for informational use only. The free hamlet research paper (Shakespeare: A Plagirist. essay ) presented on this page should not be viewed as a sample of our on-line writing service. If you need fresh and competent research / writing on hamlet, use the professional writing service offered by our company.

Shakespeare is a Plagiarist

I hope that all the spelling is right (these are my notes from school and I can't read my own writing) If the name is in Green, then it is a land. If the name is in Blue, then the character is male. If the name is in Red, then the character is female. The characters' names are confusing at times (not any names that we would use this century), which is why my notes needed color-coding.

The Source of Hamlet

 based on old Norse legend in history of the Danes written by Saxo Grammatious

 written in the 12th century

 Jutland (a kingdom) was ruled by Feng and his brother, Horwendil

 Horwendil slays the king of Denmark to marry his daughter, Gerutha

 a son is born to them, whom they called Amleth

 Feng kills Horwendil to marry Gerutha

 Amleth plans vengeance - acts like an idiot to confuse the folks

 Amleth kills a spy overhearing a conversation he has with his mother

 Amleth tells him mother of his plans, she allies with him

 Feng send Amleth to Britain with two of his friends

 Amleth intercept a letter from Feng to the king of Britain, changes it, and his two friends die instead

 Amleth returns, kills Feng, then gets killed in a battle

Note: Hamlet is just Amleth with the h in the front instead of the back

 Hamlet is also based on an earlier play called The Spanish Tragedy by Thoms Kyd

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Love and Trust in Hamlet Essay

Love and Trust in Hamlet Essay Free Essay on Love and Trust in Hamlet

The themes of love and trust are closely intertwined in many plays by William Shakespeare; “Hamlet” is no exception.

In “Hamlet” love and trust are no synonyms. From the first few acts of the play, the reader meets Hamlet, a lonely and pensive young man who does not have anyone to confide in.

The only living person the prince trusts is Horatio. Hamlet discovers that his mother, Queen Gertrude, is going to marry his uncle, King Claudius, less than a month after his father’s sudden death. The young prince is bitterly hurt and has senses betrayal in this act. He mocks his mother’s behavior of a lady in love and her quickness in remarriage.

Later his suspicions about King Hamlet’s death turn out to be true and even worse than expected, his dear father comes as a ghost and reveals the real reason of his own death.

King Hamlet asks his son to avenge his death but warns that prince Hamlet should wrest retribution from Claudius only, leaving Queen Gertrude out of it. From this request one may realize King Hamlet loved his wife and trusted her and his brother when he was alive. After the ugly truth has been revealed to young Hamlet, trust left the castle of Elsinore forever. Both Hamlet and the King and Queen decided to spy on each other. Young Hamlet’s loss of trust affected his relationships with Ophelia and he repudiates his feelings towards her: “I did love you once. […]You should not have believed me; […] I loved you not.” He believes all women and two-faced and traitorous. He often alludes in his phrases to Ophelia and Queen Gertrude that women always betray their husbands for better or worse.

Honesty is the only basis for trust for prince Hamlet. He warns the actors who rehearsed the modified version of Murder of Gonzago to be honest and entirely realistic in their portrayals of the characters.

For prince Hamlet, the revised version of the play, which included the scene of the murder his father’s ghost told him about, was the only way to reveal that his uncle was perfidious and the ghost was no madness, no play of imagination, but someone to trust. King Claudius’ reaction to the act proves the ghost’s trustworthiness.

Hamlet even distrusts his pals Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, who are of great use for King and Queen in their idea to spy on prince Hamlet. His past feelings of love and trust to Ophelia reverted into scorn and distrust. Eventually, she suffers most from his change of mind and perception. Vindictive prince Hamlet alienates people around himself and can not find any consolation except in the murder of King Claudius. As a result, hatred and madness that were provoked by the atmosphere of distrust lead to Hamlet killing Polonius, Ophelia’s father, who has been mistaken for the King behind the curtains. After decease of his father, Hamlet stopped loving and trusting people and lost his will to live.

Revenge took the place of love and trust in Hamlet. Only after Ophelia’s death he admits he loved her. is professional essay writing service which is committed to write great-quality custom essays, term papers, thesis papers, research papers, dissertations on any essay topics. All custom essays are written by qualified Master’s and PhD writers. Just order a custom written essay on Hamlet at our website and we will write your essay at affordable prices. We are available 24/7 to help students with writing essays for high school, college and university.

Essay on Hamlet s Tragic Flaw

What is Hamlet’s tragic flaw?
It has long been observed that almost all the Shakespeare’s characters are more inclined to meditation than to action. To the greatest extent it relates to Hamlet, whose inner world is steadily crumbling under the double onslaught: the painful emotional distress caused by external circumstances (a horrible death of his father, his uncle’s meanness, treachery of his mother and friends), compounded by destructive thoughts that lead him to reassess all that had value and meaning before. Honor, love, loyalty – these ideals are ruthlessly trampled by rough reality.

Hamlet understands that he must fight the evil that he is required to act, but his will is paralyzed, because he is seized by the most terrible human question: “To be or not to be.” In his denial of reality Hamlet goes so far that he is ready to see nothing but evil in the world. But if the world is so terrible, it is not worth living. One only thing stops Hamlet, whose faith in the Creator and divine justice is shaken: whether there is continuation of this being after the grave, or it is oblivion that expects us? Hamlet’s figure, whose youth was held not in idle amusements and rough play, and in the walls of Wittenberg University, symbolizes the new consciousness, a new attitude, for whom “There is no time connection.”

What is the connection? For the Christian, such has always been sacred and unreasoning faith. But at the University Hamlet knew the power of other forces – the mind, and now these two forces, faith and reason fight in his heart a fierce struggle. How to live if reasonable understanding of life leads to its denial? Hamlet’s tragic flaw is that he forces himself to ensure that he does not talk, but acts because

Thus conscience does make cowards of us all;
And thus the native hue of resolution
Is sicklied o’er with the pale cast of thought
And enterprises of great pith and moment
With this regard their currents turn awry
And lose the name of action.

Symbolically, the Hamlet for the fulfillment of his plan pretends insane: insanity is the flip side of reason, stalled in trying to grasp the immensity – the meaning of life. Hamlet is a person who stands on the threshold of a new time, but he is still under influence of the principles and ideals of the past. Revenge for the murder of his father is a heavy duty for Hamlet, duty, not the divine right. And what’s the point in revenge on Claudius, as if he alone is the incarnation of evil! The whole world succumbed to deterioration and, according to the officer guards, “something is rotten in the state of Denmark.”

Besides Hamlet is no longer able to live in obedience to authority age-old wisdom, with its unique standards firmly establish what is good and what is evil. Yet Shakespeare was far from to show his hero complete cynic and a pessimist. Determination to fight evil in spite of everything, the willingness to die in this unequal battle, knowing the nullity of that struggle – all this raises Hamlet over low everyday life, and even over philosophical detachment and wise moderation of his friend Horatio, the only one who is not corrupted by universal moral damage. Shakespeare shows how serious thoughts, doubts, and ordeals in the end do not destroy Hamlet’s faith in man and in his mind, but strengthens it.

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Free Hamlet Essay Example

Hamlet is a tragic play that was written by the greatest author of all time – William Shakespeare. The setting of the play is in Denmark and is basically an account of Price Hamlet’s acts of revenge against an uncle of his, named Claudius, for murdering his father and marrying his mother. The play is a vivid portrayal of how fast grief can turn into murderous rage. The play revolves around four major themes: moral corruption, treachery and incest as well as revenge.
The play, ‘Hamlet’, is richly structured and characterized. One thing that is apparent from the play is that Prince Hamlet hesitates to kill Claudius. From this alone, a student can choose to argue in his/her essay on Hamlet that this hesitation is only feigned; in other words, that Shakespeare uses it for prolonging the play’s action. Alternatively, the student could argue in the essay on Hamlet that the hesitation could have been occasioned by ethical issues which surround planned murder. Whatever the argument, the student should be careful to support his/her stand with valid points.
Regarding the structure, Hamlet is unique. Unless the student was not keen on the play, it would be impossible to miss including in the essay on Hamlet that Shakespeare’s dramatic play does not focus most on action, but on the character. Specifically, in the play, Hamlet’s soliloquies rather than actions are what convey his motives as well as thoughts to the audience.
An essay on Hamlet is one of those essays that carries a risk of the writer writing on and on, since there are countless ways in which to approach such a literature essay. This particular literature essay can be analyzed within the context of the different time periods of its performance, ranging from the 18th century to the 20th century.

Hamlet essay example

The story by William Shakespeare is full of intricacy, spying and intrigues. Thus, some form of spying offer clues to quite a few heroes of the play. For example, by the book of Polonius Reynaldo, Polonius’s servant, who is sent to France by Polonius, gets instructions on how to spy on his son Laertes and also study the nature of his behavior in Paris. We can find the evidence after lines: “You shall do marvellous wisely, good Reynaldo, Before You visit him, to make inquiry of his behaviour…Enquire me first what Danskers are in Paris; And how, and who, what means, and where they keep, What company, at what expense; and finding, By this encompassment and drift of question, That they do know my son, come you more nearer Than your particular demands will touch it: Take you, as ‘twere, some distant knowledge of him; As thus, ‘I know his father and his friends, And in part him; – do you mark this, Reynaldo?” (Act II, Scene. I) Thus, possibly Reynaldo is the most rewarded spy as he serves to Lord Chamberlain of Claudius’s court, in his house.

In addition, Claudius, the most dangerous intriguer, spies on Hamlet with the support of his former close friends – Rosencrantz and Guildenstern: “I entreat you both That, being of so young days brought up with him, And since so neighbour’d to his youth and humour, That you vouchsafe your rest here in our court Some little time: so by your companies To draw him on to pleasures, and to gather, So much as from occasion you may glean, Whether aught, to us unknown, afflicts him thus, That, open’d, lies within our remedy.” (Act II, Scene II) Besides, Claudius and Polonius manage to hide behind the arras in the second scene so that you can eavesdrop on Hamlet’s conversation with Ophelia or lurk behind the curtains during performance in order to spy on Hamlet’s wooing of Ophelia.

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