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Psychological Conflicts In Literature1 Essay Research Paper

Psychological Conflicts In Literature(1) Essay, Research Paper

We all experience psychological conflicts, knowingly or unknowingly. They involve psychological conflicts among our thoughts, emotions, and rational thinking. It may be the most dangerous conflict of all due to the battleground in which it take place in — our mind.

There are many examples of psychological conflicts in the stories we have read. In “Leiningen Versus the Ants” by Carl Stephenson, Leiningen battled not only on his South American plantation, but in his mind. He struggled with the issue of running away and letting the ants take over his plantation. He wasn’t a quitter and enjoys the mental aspects of things. But when the ants and the reality of death came, he had to resolve the conflict whether to stay or flee. This was especially true when he ran to the dam wheel. He could of fled then or died, but he chose to try to save the plantation and workers. He was faced with the conflict living or, perhaps the greatest psychological conflict, which he resolved when he chose to run to the wheel.

In “The Contents of the Dead Man’s Pockets” by Jack Finney, Tom also faced a psychological conflict. The story was mainly focused on his physical conflict, but near the end he experienced psychological conflict. As with Leiningen, Tom faced the choice to die or to live, and he realized with that conflict how much his wife meant to him. He overcame the conflict when, as we read, the yellow paper flew out the window again, but he left to be with his wife.

In “Blues Ain’t No Mockin’bird” by Toni Cade Bambara, Granny experienced a psychological conflict with her past treatment and her current conflict with Smiley and Camera. She struggled to break and maybe actually kill them or fall into depression, but she was successful in winning the conflict. When she hummed in a high pitch instead of low, it showed that she had finally won.

In conclusion, psychological conflicts are important. They can be very dangerous because we are fighting within ourselves and our rational reasoning. And when we fight within ourself it is hard to win. Psychological conflicts can be won, however, by set priorities and moral standards.

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Summary: Conflict in literature, whether it is internal or external or is physical or psychological, provides a way to enrich any piece of fiction or nonfiction writing. As authors as diverse as Mitch Albom, William Shakespeare, and Arthur Hugh Clough reveal through their works, literature and history would not have such an impact on our lives today without the presence of conflict.

Imagine yourself sitting in class, ridiculously bored. You are reading a novel when you suddenly lose control of yourself and fall asleep. Although your teacher probably finds the obnoxious snoring very beautiful, she awakens you with a punitive tone and tells you to keep reading. "What could be missing from this excessively long book?" you ask yourself; conflict is missing. Conflict in literature provides a way to enrich any piece of fiction or non-fiction writing, it keeps you guessing. Conflict truly gives the reader a reason for each eagerly turned page. The definition of the one word, conflict, creates much controversy because there are ultimately an infinite number of interpretations. From internal to external, or physical to psychological, we love to read about it and relate to it. Without conflict, literature and history would not have such an impact on our lives today.

Internal conflict demonstrates man versus.

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Контрольная работа - Environmental Conflicts In Literature Essay Research Paper - Иностранный язык

Environmental Conflicts In Literature Essay, Research Paper

Conflicts are a very prominent element in literature. If you were to look up the dictionary definition of ?conflict. you would find that it is a ?struggle, controversy, or fight. Conflicts can take many forms, and each has its own place in literature. Environmental conflicts are certainly one of the more recognized and appreciated types of conflicts. They are easy to identify, understand, and analyze. An environment can be described as one?s surroundings, so logically, an environmental conflict is a conflict with one?s surroundings. Environmental conflicts pit man against a greater power, and it is unsure what will happen next.

Throughout [good] literature, a vast array of environmental conflicts can be found. Let us take a look at ?Leiningen Versus the Ants. by Carl Stephenson. In this story, environmental conflicts are exceedingly prevalent. In fact, the entire story is built upon the ?act of God? that Leiningen faces. A twenty square mile army of ants threatens Leiningen?s plantation and his life. The ants prove to be a formidable opponent, even for a man of such cunning as Leiningen. They represent the power and unpredictability of nature?a perfect example of an environmental conflict.

Not all environmental conflicts are huge, apocalyptic, catastrophic events. They can be as simple or commonplace as a tree falling. Such is the case in ?The Interlopers. by Saki. Saki recognizes the power of nature, and makes use of something so unimportant as a fallen tree to trap Ulrich and Georg beneath it, and dramatically alter the course of the entire story. Not only that, but at the end of the story, Saki uses wolves to change the direction of the story once more, and this time he creates some irony as well.

In almost all cases, the environment does triumph over man in some way or another. To Build a Fire. by Jack London is a prime example of this happening to a large extent. A man and his dog are lost in the wilderness at sub-zero temperatures, and he is not only involved in an environmental conflict, but a struggle to live. Eventually the man dies of hypothermia. Again, this is another instance that illustrates the power that nature has over us. Ironically, (as if to drive the point home) the man?s dog survives.

It is safe to say that environmental conflicts are a truly wonderful and important addition to the literary world. They give the reader a sense of awe toward nature and its power. We cannot predict what nature will do, nor can we deny its supremacy. Because of this, environmental conflicts are often more captivating and suspenseful than other types, and we find a great deal of enjoyment and entertainment from them.

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Conflict As The Element In Literature English Literature Essay

Conflict As The Element In Literature English Literature Essay

Published: 23rd March, 2015 Last Edited: 23rd March, 2015

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   "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth." "Genesis 1:1, KJV Bible, (p 1)". However, God also told Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit from a certain tree. "Genesis 3: 1-3, KJV, (p 10). Man defies the law of nature and created test tube babies, and now, cloning humans; Today's society has it all, along with the conflicts that exist with in our various relationships. Be them spiritual, physical, or emotional, most relationships have conflicts in some form.

   Conflict is prevalent in all lives in different aspects. How we judge, and the final decisions we make is what determines ones values and integrity. Conflicts exist mainly because we struggle with moral reasoning when faced with making important decisions. Forcing ourselves to think critically about the situation before we form a conclusion or pass judgment requires disciplining, an attribute many in today's society lack. For the most part, many of our decisions are made based on how we view, or think about something. In short, our values and integrity are displayed, and we question deeply if this is this right or wrong, who will get hurt, who will benefit from this, and the many other implications involved with decision making.

   The poem, "To My Dear and Loving Husband", (p 1077) the central theme is - "Love and Marriage." The wife is expressing her undying love, commitment, dedication, respect, and loyalty to her husband in the poem. The two works I have chosen to connect this poem too are these two short stories: "Marriage is a Private Affair", (pp 373-377) and "The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky"; (pp482-489) demonstrating the element of "Conflict" in the short stories.

   My impression of Anne Bradstreet's poem is that of a beautiful tribute from a wife, to her husband of many years. Her warmth and choice of words were those of actual

experience. These words could only be spoken if you witness a marriage of this respect,

                                    Conflict Pg. 3

and t rust, loyalty, or you lived it yourself. In any event, this couple has weather the storm

and it is pretty much smooth sailing from this point on. However, looking at this poem

critically, line five could make one questioned if there was a struggle or conflict earlier to make the wife form the conclusion she did in line five. "I prize they love more than whole mines of gold or all the riches that the East doth hold." (p 1077). Â In the story titled, "Marriage is a Private Affair", there were a lot of conflicts between Nnaemeka and his father Okeke. This is because of his father's cultural believe. Â Nonetheless, Nnaemka, and Nene loved and were commitment to each other. They preserved, and they were married now, raising a family. However, the first conflict occurred between Nnameka and Nene, when he was not honest and up front about his reluclentess to inform his to his father Okeke, about his engagement to Nene. Not knowing all the facts, Nene, could not understand the big deal about waiting until Nnaemka was face to face with his father, at least until she was told about the Ibo's tradition. (p 373).

   It was customary for the fathers to arrange the marriages of their children to whom they thought were a good match. Okeke arranged for Nnaemeka to marry Ugoye Neveke, daughter of his neighbor Jacob.(p 374). Although Nene was a nice girl with good qualities, (a school teacher at a girls school), with high Christian values, but, because she was not a Ibo, and was not the girl Nnaemeka father arranged for him to marry, Okeke would not give his son his blessing to marry Nene. (373) Instead he distanced himself from his son, grandsons, and daughter-in-law. Also, during this time, the Ibo culture felt that women should be silent, and not allowed to teach, this was considered the work of Satan. (p 374).

   After eight years of not communicating with his father, and Okeke returning wedding pictures with Nene face torn from the pictures, and replying back with a nasty

                                    Conflict Pg. 4

unwelcoming letters. Nene decided to take matters into her own hands. She wrote Okeke and requested he see his grandsons who really wanted to meet him. ([376).

Okeke breaks down after Nene letter and starts evaluating his current situation, realizing that he has been a fool, and he has wasted so much precious time with his son, and grand-

sons, out of hatred for his daughter-in-law. And now with the stress of being so mean and honery, he might not live long enough to make up for the mistake and bad treatment to Nene. (p 376).

   We find a lot of conflict in our relationships in today's society. Many parents still arrange marriages for their children. Maybe not as bluntly as Okeke announced, but in a more suddle approach. Forbidding their children to marry out of or below their social and economic class, which accounts for many of the courthouse weddings, and eloping?

   Is it fair to say that because our culture does not acknowledge, arranged marriages, this practice is wrong in the eyes of other cultures that practice this? In the Western days, the bride's father use to pay a substantially monetary gift to the young groom for asking for his daughter hand in marriage. Also, in the Western era, instead of an engagement ring to announce the engagement, livestock and other gifts were given.  If arranged marriages are considered wrong, then shouldn't paying someone to marry your daughter be as equally wrong also?

   In this multi-culture society we live in today, learning how other cultures live and behave would benefit all people in the world. This would help eliminate the disrespect associated with making pre-judgment before evaluating all of the facts.

   To the cultures who favor and practice arranged marriages, including the Western era. They might think it is strange or wrong for the bride's family to pay for all of the wedding expenses, as we do in our society. Although today, many couples are splitting the expense between them, and not including their parents at all. However, even in our

                                 Conflict Pg. 5

civilized culture and society of today, mother's of couples bearing all of the expense for their own wedding, would consider it an insult not to be included the planning, and decision making process.

   "The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky", (pp 373-382), another newly married couple encounters conflict in their marriage before it really starts. Like Nnameka, Jack Potter decided it would be better to inform the townspeople of this marriage after it took place; "Instead of notifying the town via telegraph, a new cowardice had been upon him. (p 484)

   This new wife is devoted to her new husband; therefore, she senses his worrying about something. (p 484). From the narrator's description of the bride of Yellow Sky, it was clear she was a plain county girl that had not been exposed too much, and did not want to embarrass her new husband by appearing lost and unfamiliar with traveling. "Ever been in a parlor-car before?" he asked, smiling with delight. "no," she answered; "I never was. its fine, ain't it?" (pg 482)

   "The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky reminds me of the Western television series "Bonanza." Jack Potter is more like the character 'Hoss', who was played by actor, Dan Blocker. I image from the narrator's description that Jack is a man of his late thirties or early forties, has never married, and has seen a few places in the world. His is not a rich man, but does fairly well for himself as the marshal of Yellow Sky. His adobe house cannot be compared to the spread of the "Ponderosa", owned by the 'Cartwright's' on "Bonanza". but one can assume it is modest and more than comfortable for Jack and his new bride. I choose the character 'Hoss" to compare Jack to because they are both descried as big broad men in size, but had the demeanor of a kitten. Although 'Little Joe', (Hoss's younger brother) was the real lady's man, and loved showing off for the ladies, he was not the marrying and settling down type. The only comparison Jack had to 'Little Joe' at this time, was the way he was proudly boasting to his new bride, as if he was a real statesman, or a educated, world wildly gentleman. Something as simple as a train ride across Texas was a big deal for a lady that had never left San Anotonio. Knowing these things about his bride,

                                 Conflict Pg. 6

Jack feel like a bigger man than he really was, however, still worrying about how he was going to introduce his new wife to the townspeople.

From the knowledge I have gained watching old re-runs of the Western Series "Bonanza and Gunsmoke", I was able to identify with the language very well in the stories poem. I especially liked the part when the narrator was describing how Jack was planning his escape route from the train station to his adobe home, without being noticed by any of the townspeople. "He resolved that he would use all the devices of speed and plainscraft in making the journey from the station to his house" (pg 484).

The section involving Scratchy Wilson was a big disappointment to me and really had little meaning. Yes, I could relate to a town, or neighborhood drunk, I think everybody has one; there are just at different social class of drunks. I could see Jack enforcing his authority as the town marshal, and speaking with a little embarrassment at the same time when Scratchy Wilson confronted him in the street while he and his bride were on their way home. Â The only thing the narrator described about Jack's new wife reacted to Scratchy Wilson's behavior that was not of any interest to me was "her face turned as yellow as old cloth. She was a slave to hideous rites, gazing at the apparitional snake."

Did she have this look because this was the first time this type of behavior had ever in front of her, or did the look catch her off guard, because Jack had not told his new bride what his occupation was? I never read anywhere any the story where the bride knew her new husband was the towns marshal? While reading this part of the story, I felt the wife's expression and related it to an experienced I had when I found out my ex-husband had been lying to me about his affairs. Each time something new would come up, I could remember me saying to myself, 'how many more surprises will I have to endure before I

                                 Conflict Pg. 7

finally know this man I call my husband, and the end of his embarrassing affairs are exposed?" The narrator did give adequate credit and attention to Jack's wife at appropriate times, however, to me; he cheated the wife out of her just due. I feel that Scratchy Wilson could have had less of a role, and more descriptions and details given to the wife.

After reading the various assigned literary works, I noticed I was drawn to the love and marriage works over all. My selection of the stories and poem I wrote about all related to my current life, or my many past experiences. In the poem, "To My Dear and Loving Husband", Anne's description of this wife, described the wife I was for a large part of my twenty -two years marriage. However, unable to dodge the storms that the wife dodged, and preserver, I did not accomplish a final destiny or "until death do us apart." The struggles of life ate away at that bond, causing all havoc to break loose and come cashing down on my forever after.

I was raised by my grandparents in a strict religious environment, and their values were similar to Okeke's when it came to selecting a suitable mate for their many daughters. My ex-husband is thirteen years older than me, and twenty-six years ago that was considered a big deal in my grandparent's eyes. For a young woman with hardly any experiences to consider marrying a man with so much more experience about life in general. Needless to say, I went against the wishes of my grandparents and marry this man anyway; just as Nnaemeka, married Nene. To an extent I married out of my class as Nnaemeka, but it was not viewed as a sin and an act of Satan, nor was I banded from my family because of this choice. Teachers were then, and still are today, held in high regards when it comes to moral values and integrity. Therefore, this was just a cultural difference or conflict that Okeke had to deal with.

In this multi-cultural society we live in today, interacting with the various cultures helps us understand why certain actions or behavior on their behalf is not wrong, and like wise when it

                                    Conflict Pg. 8

comes to the rules we govern ourselves by. Just because arranged marriages are not social acceptable in our society, does not make it wrong in the Ibo Tribe's society. As a reader, I could relate to not marrying for love, therefore, marrying the same class mate as you, rather than taking a chance and standing for love.

   Reading the story "The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky I reflected back on how this story truly and honestly related to me. Although there are examples which can describe me in my younger days, like, not being as experience as my ex-husband. During our early years in the marriage, I felt like the bride did on the train ride home to Yellow Sky. "Ever been in a parlor-car before?" he asked, smiling with delight. "no," she answered; "I never was. It's fine, ain't it?" (pg 482) A lot of things I was very dumb on compared to my ex-husband.

   This story relates more to me indirectly as a mother-in-law. My daughter-in-law displayed signs of nervousness and worriness about six months before her marriage to my son started to detoriate. Deep down, I always felt she was guilty of adultery, but I could not prove it, nor did I want to be the barrier of bad news to my son. He was really committed to making the marriage work, and being a good father and husband. Unfortunately, her nervous behavior made me focus on her more closely. Finally I was convinced she was committing adultery; and one night in question, I told my son about my suspicions thru a scenario that would allow him to catch her in the act. Of course this ended the marriage, and my grandson ended up in a split home, so joint custody was decided on since both parent wanted custody of him. My conflict in this delemmina was either way things went; my grandson was going to suffer not having both parents in one house like he wants.

   The works selected, demonstrate how conflict plays a role in everything we do in life, being it negative, or positive. The authors who shared their conflicts thru life experiences, and account of events, through their great literary works, thus proving,

                                                           Conflict Pg. 9

conflict does exist in literature Responsible and moral reasoning are always presented where conflict is involved in sound decision making; especially  when there are consequences, or right and wrong options are involved.

   My final analysis and basis for my paper can be summarized as we all endure some type of conflict in our life. The various literary works studied, and posts responded to indicates conflict is a normal process each of us encounters at different stages in our life.

   Each literary work selected demonstrated the most common conflict known to humans. The struggles and conflicts we fight are within us. However, the authors selected and analyzed in this paper, found creative ways of expressing and dealing with the conflicts that presented themselves in their lives through great literary works, as those I have selected.

   Utilizing Ann Bradstreet's poem "To My Dear and Loving Husband", as a connector to highlight my central theme of Love and Marriage. I used the two short stories, Chihua Achebe's, "Mariage is a Private Affair", and Stephen Crane's, "The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky", As my two connectors. The three works are connected thru the theme of love and marriage. "Conflict" is the element utilized to finalize the works to make the connection.

   However, after reading the text over and over again and paying attention to the tips and guidance provided me through the discussion board between my classmates, and instructor, I was able to make a connection. This connection allowed me to understand not all, but many of the literary works assigned to read. My expanded knowledge of literature has also helped me develop a slight appreciation for literature as well. For now, I know how to connect the works to my experiences, and share in the creative mines of the great Poets I have been studying. I did not discover thru my research that conflict was good or bad thing. However, what I did discover was that conflict does exist in almost every aspect of our lives, including literature.

                                Conflict Pg. 10

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GreaA conflict after highschool at

"Hey Erik, turn up that CD bro, that songs hella tight, I haven't heard Sublime for days." "For sure, Im so glad track is over, too much to do, you finish rolling that spliff yet B?" "Yeah man, hook me up with that light on the table, puff, puff." I laid back on Erik's plush, slightly worn leather couch purchased from the Value Village store downtown and watched as he displayed a phat French inhale. I was in a cloudy state with so much on my mind I didn't know where to begin. I was once again in the basement bedroom of my closest friend Erik doing what we did best with nothing else to and needing to conversant about life.

I was at a crossroads in my life, finishing up high school, about to make a decision some said was the biggest Id ever make. What to do after high school? And who better to discuss it with than a life long friend, one who had been there more times than I could count. We both shared ideas and dreams of what we wanted to do and see, some alike, some very dissimilar, but we both knew school somewhere would be the decision. I saw many of my friends, those less confident with themselves, join the military in hopes of finding there calling, for them I hope they do, for myself military was never of the question. I had an idea of higher learning, one which was not well understood, unclear of what I might face and what failure it may result in, perhaps that is why it is most appealing, the uncertainty. "Hey man, finish this up and lets roll down to Ryan's and see what he has going on over at his pad." Said Erik. "All right" I.

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