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What Is Your Ideal Career? Research Paper by Garysallee

What Is Your Ideal Career? Essay

Unit 1: What is Your Ideal Career?

February 2, 2012

My ideal career goal is to successfully complete all training required to become a proficient source of protection to our nation. My first desire is to become a CSI. Then after earning my BS in Criminal Justice, becoming a CSI and eventually working for the FBI as an FBI agent. Becoming a CSI is what I want to accomplish before becoming an FBI agent due to the required experience of becoming an FBI agent. My mission is simple I want to make a difference.

Why the Criminal Justice System? I chose this path because I have always enjoyed the idea of solving situations. Just watching what it takes to do their job is remarkable. I believe that many people don’t have the potential to choose this profession. Most people are sensitive to seeing blood and dead bodies let alone working hard and working long hours. I have my mind set that I chose this profession because I feel I have what it takes to succeed at it.

A Crime Scene Investigator’s job is to document, identify and collect evidence to solve what has happened at a crime scene. They are subject to bloody crime scenes and homicides and seeing dead bodies at the scene. An FBI agent conducts investigations concerning public corruption, drug trafficking, fraud against the government, terrorism, organized crime, bank robbery, kidnapping and other infringements of federal laws. Both fields are subject to many dangerous situations, work long hours, can be called upon at any time and have intense working environments. I will be prepared to work as long as needed as well as doing whatever it takes to successfully do my job.

Getting a college education and earning my degree will open endless opportunities towards my future. People with college degree do not need to explain all their acquired skills, the degree speaks for them because there is an already established general course curriculum that a typical graduate in any specialty must fulfill before certified.

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Your Ideal Career Essay Writing

Your Ideal Career Essay Writing

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Benefits of Essay Writing

What are the benefits that we can get from essay writing. There are so many things that you can get advantage of from writing an essay. Actually, it is not only a requirement in school to make your life hard but it also has some good benefits that will increase your personality development.

Essay writing provides an avenue for your thoughts. A middle school essay topic for example can tackle your personal opinion about a specific subject. This will then be written according to how you perceive things.

It is also possible for an essay writing task to harness your critical thinking abilities. Writing about argumentative essay topics will definitely require that you have a good sense of criticizing subjects and issues that you think are important to talk about.

It is also possible that essay writing will let you discover more knowledge by doing some sorts of researching. Any student essays that relate to science topics will probably require you to do researches so it is possible that you will discover new information about seemingly innocent topic ideas.

Lastly, essay writing gives you the chance to improve your writing skills in general. The aspect of writing in perfect spelling and grammar conditions will help you realize that you really deserve to learn how to properly write articles. A school essay will always demand that you write in technical ways that are of high standards.

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January 12th, 2013

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The "What is Your Ideal Career" quiz is a fun yet excellent tool that you can use to assess the security of your job.

Complete the "What Is Your Ideal Career" To find out what is the best career for you.

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Lisa O'Brien runs CareersCoach, which provides career coaching, interview coaching, job application preparation and career training solutions that assist professionals of all levels to overcome career obstacles.

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This 1 Question Can Reveal Your Ideal Career

This 1 Question Can Reveal Your Ideal Career

What seems like work to other people, but not to you?

Y Combinator’s Paul Graham, ever skilled at pointing out simple but profound truths, has a question for people who don’t know what career to pursue: “ What Doesn’t Seem Like Work? ”

He gives the example of his father, who enjoyed solving math problems in textbooks (before learning the material), who went on to model nuclear reactors. As for Graham, he enjoyed writing essays for his friends in college (presumably without compensation) and, of course, is still writing essays today.

“ If something that seems like work to other people doesn’t seem like work to you, that’s something you’re well suited for. For example, a lot of programmers I know, including me, actually like debugging. It’s not something people tend to volunteer; one likes it the way one likes popping zits. But you may have to like debugging to like programming, considering the degree to which programming consists of it,” Paul Graham writes.

I imagine this question is also part of the puzzle for entrepreneurs trying to figure out what kind of startup to work on. Of course, it’s not the whole story – you need a competitive advantage, something you’re uniquely good at. But if you’re going to be putting in 12-hour days, it’s a good idea to consider things that don’t feel like work to you. Who wants to “work” for 12 hours a day, anyway?

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