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Travelling Broadens The Mind Opinion Essay Graphic Organizer

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Travel broadens the mind, but can it alter the brain?

Travel broadens the mind, but can it alter the brain?

Kira is a PhD student studying neuroscience at the University of Sheffield.

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T here are lots of opportunities for students to travel: be it to postpone your degree and travel the world after taking your A-levels; to take a placement abroad; or to spend your summer months volunteering. Reports show that over 20,000 UK students spend time abroad for a period of over three months each year .

It’s hardly suprising so many students decide to spend time away from the UK: the benefits of travelling are well documented. You can make new friends, broaden your outlook and gain stories to tell. But that’s not all: you may also improve your brainpower and become more outgoing.

Blue-sky thinking

According to a study by Adam Galinsky. a professor at Columbia Business School, those who have lived abroad are more creative. His research found that the more countries people had lived in, the more creative their work tended to be. However Galinsky says that just being a tourist isn’t enough to see any benefit. “Someone who lives abroad and doesn’t engage with the local culture will likely get less of a creative boost than someone who travels abroad and really engages in the local environment,” he says.

Five ways to be a global student without doing a year abroad Will international love help your language skills blossom? Student travellers: make the most of your holiday. Go it alone

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Travelling broadens the mind opinion essay graphic organizer

travelling broadens the mind opinion essay graphic organizer

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travelling broadens the mind opinion essay graphic organizer

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travelling broadens the mind opinion essay graphic organizer

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POP THE DREAM - Opinion essay travel broadens the mind

Opinion essay travel broadens the mind Opinion essay travel broadens the mind

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Travelling broadens the mind essay - 820 words

Travels broaden the mind - advantage and disadvantage of. Travels broaden the mind - advantage and disadvantage of.

Perhaps the biggest impact travel has is that it can broaden your mind. Have you ever watched a little kid and thought, “wow, i can't even imagine what it would. There are many interesting ways of expanding your knowladge but in my opinion travelling is the best one. In this short essay i want to show why it is better than. Essay - travel broadens the mind. Travelling is not merely going from one place to another and back. It is the journey and observations that. Travelling enables many people to broaden their minds in certain respects. While the free essays can give you inspiration for writing, they cannot be used 'as. Stephan seiler english essay: travel broadens the mind traveling makes it possible to experience new cultures; for example, observing different religions and.

It is said that travel broadens the mind. What can we learn by.

Travelling broadens the mind opinion essay graphic organizer

My favourite teacher.

Who is my favourite school teacher? It’s hard to decide. All of teachers in our school are kind and good at their job. But my favourite school teacher is probably Semyonova Tatiana Nicolaevna. She is a literature and Russian language teacher. Her lessons are interesting and easy to remember.
On our Russian lessons we study our homeland language. We are also try to learn all its rules, such as grammatical rules, orthographic rules, phonetic rules, etc. This is hard but interesting. I enjoy my Russian lessons!
But my favourite school lesson is literature. Tatiana Nicolaevna is really good at teaching it. On our literature lessons we learn about the great writers from around the World, and, of course, we read their works, like "Hamlet” (by William Shakespeare) or "Overcoat” (by Nicolay Gogol). We travel to the wonderful world of literature, we meet its residents, and we live, enjoy and worry among with them. But the main thing is that fact that we learn to thing, learn to reflect upon their mistakes. This is so exciting!
That’s why Semyonova Tatiana Nicolaevna is my favourite school teacher.

What I think about teachers.

I often think what qualities are more important for the teachers of a contemporary school. As far as I know some student think the best teachers are those who are very knowledgeable about the subject matter, while others believe that it is more important for teachers to make teaching enjoyable and fun for students.
On the one hand I agree with those who consider that their teachers should be well – educated themselves, because our children have inquiring minds and they want to find our more than in their textbooks. Moreover, the best teachers should be brilliant lecturers they should be able to take a difficult theme and make it simple.
One the other hand, in some way, I concur with the point of view those who believe that teaching should be interesting and fun for students, to motivate them to studies. But I do not agree that teaching should be only entertained. Sometimes school – children do not behave properly. They can shout, whistle and drum on the desks. Teachers should maintain discipline among the trouble makes and encourage them to do things successfully. Freedom is welcomed if it helps pupils to learn.
To sum up, the best teachers should be brilliant specialists of their subject matter, but at the same time they should make teaching enjoyable and interesting.

The relation to school.

Some children consider that school years are the happiest in their life but other teenagers think that it is boring and uninteresting. I suppose that school is the second home for us because we spend much time here. Firstly, we study at school to get high-quality education to be successful in our future life.

Our students take prize places in municipal and regional competitions and conferences. For example, in 2008-2009 our students got 7 first and 10 second places in some important competitions. Secondly, we are taught to be kind, responsible, gallant and honest here. On the one hand our teachers are strict but on the other hand they are fair. We discuss teenagers’ problems together, and they help us to solve difficult situations. Many our schoolchildren are volunteers. They take part in social projects such as ”Yard of winners ”, "School is our home”, "Help children”. Finally, we spend our leisure at school. After classes our boys and girls do not usually go home right away. They have some extracurricular activities. Everybody is proud of our sport achievements. Our sportsmen are the winners of many contests. There are 3 dance groups in our school. They are the winners of All-Russia dance competitions. Young correspondents of our school newspaper "Tusovka” write articles about our school events. Our social activity helps us to be creative, funny and sociable. We study to advertise ourselves in our school.
It is true that there are those who hate school. They disagree that school years are happy. Some of them think that school life is boring and difficult because it is connected with hard mental activity. Others do not like school because of their problems with classmates. Maybe, they are not easy to get along with. We are sure that in future they will present all unpleasant moments of their school life with humour.
The only thing, we would like to change in our school, is repairing our building and buying modern equipment. We are eager to find sponsors for it. In conclusion, I would like to say that in spite of the different points of view about school it is un forgettable time of life.

A Letter to Santa.

I’m Vika. I am eleven. I’m in the fifth form. I can play chess and dance. I am happy because I have a very nice family. My parents are the dearest people for me. I am very sociable and that’s why I have many friends.

I love Christmas. I’d like to see you and, of course, I’d like to get presents. My dream is to have a dog and a netbook.

I have got good presents for you also. My presents are crackers and a song "Jingle Bells!”.

I congratulate you with Christmas! Merry Christmas! I wish you good luck, happiness and health.